I am thinking of all the things I will get to do when my Daddy moves in in less than two weeks. He said I can throw a littles party and he wants to get me more stuffies. Maybe a doll house and more dolls. He already got me Tinker Bell…giggle. Ooh and footy pajamas. They will be nice and warm this winter when he is at work. Otherwise Daddy will keep me warm. He wants to get another snow machine and go riding. We will me having so much fun. On the down side he is going to write me a list of rules. I need them though. I’m such a bad girl with no structure in my life. He knows me so well. I can tell him anything and he doesn’t judge me. Daddy just praises me or tells if I shouldn’t it anymore. He always wants me to be the best I can be. I am counting down the days until he gets to move in. Thinking!